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Peaks Sandwich Dome, NH
Trails: Algonquin Trail, Bennett Street Trail, Flat Mountain Pond Trail, Guinea Pond Trail, road walk
Date of Hike
Date of Hike: Sunday, July 25, 2021
Parking/Access Road Notes
Parking/Access Road Notes: There is not a 'true' parking area. There are dents in the woods big enough for about 1 car scattered around the trailhead. Sandwich Notch road is not an easy road to drive down. It is steep, goes up and down a lot, and is wide enough for one car most of the way. 
Surface Conditions
Surface Conditions: Dry Trail, Wet Trail, Wet/Slippery Rock, Standing/Running Water on Trail, Mud - Significant 
Recommended Equipment
Recommended Equipment:  
Water Crossing Notes
Water Crossing Notes: The water crossing on Algonquin is easy. Coming down Bennett Street tr., the brook crossings are mostly small, but some of the rocks are slippery. Guinea Pond tr. has several brook crossings that are okay for now. One brook that is crossed several times may become difficult if the water level gets higher. It does not have large rocks to hop across, so if the river gets deeper, the few rocks that are above the water will become submerged. 
Trail Maintenance Notes
Trail Maintenance Notes: There were some branches in the way on Algonquin, but nothing obscuring the trail. Everything on Bennett Street trail has been taken care of. There are a lot of birch trees down on Flat Mtn. Pond and Guinea Pond trails. The first swamp you pass by going from Flat Mtn. Pond Trail to Sandwich Notch road, is difficult to navigate. You are supposed to go across the swamp through the grasses, but there is no bridge, no sign and no clear path. You find your way across by making sure when you are going over water, it looks like some one threw sticks down deliberately. Guinea Pond Trail has severe drainage issues. A swamp has overflowed its bank into the trail. There is a high water bypass, but we didn't know how badly it was flooded so we went through. The water is about 1-2 feet deep, if you keep well to the sides there is a small amount of ground or shallow water, but it's slippery. On the other side of the bypass, there are some more flooded areas, but they are only a few inches deep. 
Dog-Related Notes
Dog-Related Notes:  
Bugs: There are some mosquitoes, but they weren't too bothersome. A few black flies and horse flies, but also not enough to really be a bother. We found one tick.  
Lost and Found
Lost and Found: Didn't lose anything, didn't find anything 
Comments: Algonquin trail was really pretty. There are 3 or 4 steep ledges, the first one going up being the most difficult. The lowlands had some mud and wet rocks. Once you start climbing, the trail dries out, although after todays rain, the might be some mud, but the ledges face the sun so they should dry out quickly. The ledges have good southerly and easterly views, from the top, there are good views to the north and west. Coming down Bennett Street trail is a fairly good descent route, there are a few steep patches, but no ledges, and nothing difficult to navigate. The rocks are slippery in the rain as I experienced today, especially along Flat Mtn. Pond and Guinea Pond trails. As of right now, I do not recommend Guinea Pond trail. Flood waters are high and while there is a bypass for the major flooded area, this does not means all flooded areas have a bypass. I did have to do a little wading, and the trail is not always easy to follow (it needs some maintenance).  
Name: Mountain goat 
Date Submitted
Date Submitted: 2021-07-25 
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