Hiking Trail Conditions Report
Peaks Montagne des Lignes, Scott Bog Peak, NH
Trails: Bushwhack, border swath
Date of Hike
Date of Hike: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Parking/Access Road Notes
Parking/Access Road Notes: I parked at the pullout on the right just before reaching the border (on the U.S. side). Only car there. Room for several.  
Surface Conditions
Surface Conditions: Snow - Trace/Minimal Depth, Ice - Breakable Crust, Standing/Running Water on Trail, Mud - Significant 
Recommended Equipment
Recommended Equipment:  
Water Crossing Notes
Water Crossing Notes: None 
Trail Maintenance Notes
Trail Maintenance Notes: No need for maintenance when you’re not on trails ;)  
Dog-Related Notes
Dog-Related Notes: If you trust your dog bushwhacking, then sure.  
Bugs: None 
Lost and Found
Lost and Found: Packed out a glass (beer?) bottle and a frozen sock 🙃 
Comments: Day 4, Peaks 3&4. 361 more days and 361 more peaks to go. From my car, not sure what to expect at the border and not wanting to draw attention to myself, I immediately entered the woods and whacked north/northeast to the border swath in quick order through good woods. I then followed the border swath. Everything is dead this time of year so not so worried about ticks and the brush isn’t so bad to walk in. I came to what seemed like the high point in quick order. What I felt was the high point was the first bump, right on the swath that you’d think could be it. Some pink surveyors tape but no jar or cairn. I could see a rockier high point ahead of me so traveled toward that. Didn’t see anything there either. From here, I saw another rocky high point just ahead so I walked over there. One could not safely scramble to the top of this rock but I looked in the woods for the canister. I only looked on the Canadian side as the U.S. side had a drop off. I didn’t find anything so checked NETC. It would appear that the jar/canister is on the U.S. side and is at the first rocky outcropping. So I headed back, and, sure enough it was hanging from a tree on the U.S. side of the trail clearly visible. Oops.

So, directions: take the border swath to the FIRST rocky high point (after the first non-rocky high point that I thought seemed like the high point) and look to your right (U.S.) side for the jar. Not hard to see. Just have to know where to look and do your research unlike me. The rock here was easy enough to climb to the top of which is the true high point unlike where the jar is. All three of these high points are all close together (<100 yards from each other I’m guessing and the 2nd can be seen from the first, the 3rd from the 2nd, and so on). There was some religious cards in the jar...I didn’t put them there but did decide to leave them there.

Now it was snowing lightly (wasn’t supposed to be) and I didn’t start with precip pants on and didn’t want to bother to change into them to whack through snowy woods so I decided to stick to the border swath to get to Scott Bog Mountain rather than go back to my car and whack from the road. It’s a longer trek this way obviously but easy since you’re on the swath and you get views this way. Gaia didn’t save my track so I can’t tell you how long it is but between 2 and 2.5mini think from the parking. Also, there was already some snow on the ground so waterproof boots were essential. Probably should’ve worn gaiters too though it was hardly more than a trace of snow. Temps never got out of the mid 30s.

Shortly after the summit of Montagne des Lignes, there is a cliff band that you’ve got to go around. I found a path over to my right (US side) eventually. If you’ve come to the hunters screen, turn around and look on the U.S. side for a path that swings around and down. At the base of this is the “monument” between USA and canada or whatever you call it. What seemed like an ATV Trail in here too coming in from the Canadian side which you’ll briefly walk on. Many of these roads that intersect from the Canadian side are posted as private property though. Some great views of the lake around here. The sky was doing really pretty things to as it was snowing and cloudy at some points but the sun also poked through at times, particularly at a distance.

Lots of ups and downs between here and Scott Bog Mountain. When I reached the HOL on the swath, at a left hand turn, I continued straight into the woods for a short ways to the high point. Not hard to find the canister. Signed in looking at many familiar names :) Made my way back the way I came after briefly considering walking the ridge to the south peak. I made it back to my car in a little over an hour I believe. I stuck to the order swath rather than whack to my car. The swath takes you just north of the border on the Canadian side across from where the 4th Connecticut Lake Trail starts. Then I banged a left and walked alongside the border station back to my car. No one seemed to mind or notice. Began hiking around 11:30am and finished around 3:15pm.  
Name: Liam Cooney 
Date Submitted
Date Submitted: 2021-11-05 
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